RBL Lookup and Usage is Free.
About the rbl.honeypots.tk

Sample Lookup :

  • with commands : (Example for ip address)

  • :~$ dig -t TXT #optional - @(DNS-SERVER-ADDRESS)
    ;; ANSWER SECTION: 300 IN TXT "Blacklisted: https://www.honeypots.tk/data.html?ip="

    :~$ nslookup -type=txt #optional - (DNS-SERVER-ADDRESS)
    Non-authoritative answer: text = "Blacklisted: https://www.honeypots.tk/data.html?ip="

  • for response code : (Example for ip address)

  • :~$ dig -t A #optional - @(DNS-SERVER-ADDRESS)

    Short Lookup :

    Response Code List : : ftp blacklist : smtp blacklist : proxy blacklist : telnet blacklist : http blacklist : ssh blacklist : https blacklist : dns blacklist : sip blacklist : tftp blacklist

    About the rbl.honeypots.tk :

    • * Briefly RBL (Realtime Black List)

    • RBL is a black list system, this will be used to clearing in mail flow and
      excluding offensive IP addresses to your sources.

    • * Working principle of RBL

    • We aim to protect you from these attacks by adding the IP addresses of harmful
      attackers caught in our honeypots to our honeypots.tk rbl blacklist.
      Attacker is caught in our honeypots, and after, it will be instantly protect you through the use of a blacklist.

    • * Pricing ?

    • Service usage is free like our other services..

    • * Delisting

    • It's free. Send a e-mail to our admin address for this case, let's evaluate and return to you.

    • * Usage

    • It's simple, define the address "rbl.honeypots.tk" to rbl configuration on your Mail server or spam gateway.
      It will take effect instantly..

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    with your donations to us..