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  • What is a Honeypot ?

  • Honeypot meaning, security mechanism set to detect, deflect or in some manner, defense attempts at unauthorized or attack based use of trap systems. The characteristic of a honeypot is to security mechanism on the internet as a target for attackers.
    Actually a honeypot is focused on a single service for defender. But for us, the goal is all services..

  • What does honeypots.tk do?

  • The honeypot project developed by honeypots.tk security team have more than one honeypot trap service and work on many location in internet.
    Behavior records of humans or robots coming from honeypot security trap systems.
    All attack records are was be collected with automatically (step by step) detect, harm potential analysis, evaluate, sending an e-mail for notification and finally posting to site.

  • Which services / protocols are used ?

  • Ftp , Ssh , Telnet , Smtp , Dns , Tftp , Http , Https , Proxy , Sip

  • How do you evaluate the data ?

  • First of all, a simple data collect structure is used
    * Process time
    * Source ip address
    * Source port
    * Send-receive communication records with socket

    And on to the details :
    * Detecting of communication depending on the real service
    * Extracting unnecessary data (from sent fake information and data)
    * Analyzing the content of the received data for categorization (with machine learning)
    * Analyzing the content of the received data for harm potential (with categorization)
    * And statistical operations. (The number of previous visits, the location, the number of detections, etc.)

  • How do you work ?

  • Honeypot Trap service diagram a honeypot trap server work hidden on ISPs.
    Aggressive behavior activities originating from humans or robots come to our honeypot trap servers. (like on image)
    Our service is not real service and no has an any dns records (Its not possible otherwise.)
    All incoming communications are considered offensive/attack.
    The previously described steps are performed (analysis, categorization, e-mail notification and posting to the site)
    All processes are automated, untouched except for development.

    Everything for security..

  • About US

  • We are a team of a few people rolling up their sleeves for a safer and cleaner internet.
    We have been working in the IT Security world for years and we are happy to try to do something useful for everyone.
    We are nonprofit and our services and data are open to data collection. We will tried to maintain free use as long as our economic conditions possible.

    Do you need to contact us ? - Please click is here..

  • Copyright

  • As we have mentioned before, data are open to data collection.
    If you are sharing content on our site on forums, articles, social media and similar platforms or becoming a service provider by processing our content, we request you to support us by using the relevant link or our domain name (honeypots.tk).

  • *Legal Notice:

  • We share the data for use in the field of security works.
    No liability is accepted for any misuse of data collected from our API or our site.