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Subject: Re: Your $11.8M US Dollars
To: Recipients [email protected]>
From: "Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard" [email protected]>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 11:10:57 +0100
Reply-To: [email protected]


Following the out come of the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to=
 Nigeria, U.S. Embassy in Nigeria in conjunction with U.S. Director of Fore=
ign Assistance has been mandated to use its authority to respond to your mo=
st alarming needs. We can understand that some selfish group of individuals=
 in Africa system of government has refuse to release your inherited fund a=
nd thereby bringing a good numbers of United States citizens and other peop=
le around the globe into hardship and poverty through their selfish and unn=
ecessary demands. The corrupt officials in Africa system of government have=
 made your payment file dormant and that is why you could not receive your =
payment all these years. But every arrangement has been made to solve your =
problem once and for all so that you will have your $11.800, 000.00 USD in =
less than 72 hours time. This is what you will do to receive your fund in l=
ess than 72 hours. Make your choice on the mode of payment between the two =
options listed below and fill in gaps on the option of choice. Note, you ca=
n only choice one option out of the two listed, so careful fill in the gaps=
 of the option you wish to receive your fund.

Option (A) Bank to bank wire transfer.

(1)    Your Full Name_________________________________
(2)    Your Personal Telephone Number_______________________
(3)    Your Address _________________________________________
(4)    Your Bank Name_____________________________________
(5)    Your Account Number________________________________
(6)    Routing Number_____________________________________
(7)    Account Holder=E2=80=99s Name________________________________
(8)    Bank Address___________________________________________
(9)    Bank Swift Code________________________________________

Option (B) Bank Draft that is payable in any bank around the globe.

(1)    Your Full Name ____________________________________________
(2)    Home / Office Address where the bank draft will delivered___________=
(3)    Private Telephone Number_______________________________________
(4)    Scan Copy of International Passport or Driver license_______________=

Get back to us with your information filled in option of your choice and yo=
u will receive your fund in less than 72 hours.

Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard
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