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Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 08:53:28 +0100
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Attention Please Read Carefully.

My name is Miss. Emilia Diaz The branch manager of Bankia, Salamanca branch=
.. Bankia is a Spanish bank that was formed in December 2010.

I am Argentine by birth, 39yrs of age, Single mother with two children, I h=
ave packaged a financial transaction that will benefit both of us.
As the branch manager of Bankia Salamanca branch, it is my duty to send fin=
ancial reports to my head office in the capital city of Spain.

On the course of the last year 2019 end of the year's report, I discovered =
that my branch in which I am the manager, made Ten million
three hundred thousand Euros (?10,300,000.00), of which my head office is n=
ot aware and will never be aware of it.
I have since then PLACED this fund in an ESCROW CALL ACCOUNT without a bene=

As the branch manager of the bank, I cannot be directly connected to this M=
oney thus, I am impelled to request for your assistance to
receive this money into your bank account. I intend to part 50% of this fun=
d to you while 50% shall be saved on my behalf.

I assure you that there is no risk involved in this Business. It is going t=
o be a Bank-to-Bank transfer or Online transfer. All I need from you is to =
stand in as the original depositor of this fund. If you accept this offer, =
I will put your name as the beneficiary to back up the claim on your behalf=
,  I will appreciate your timely response.

I need your information so that i can fill it in as the end beneficiary of =
this said funds.

1. Your Address:..................
2. Your Phone/Fax:....................
3. Your Present Country:................

As soon as you send your details to me as requested above, I shall fill the=
 fund release order form on your behalf and submit it to the appropriate of=
fice concerned for the transfer verification exercise,

Once they approve the funds on your name, It will only take 24 hours, The t=
ransfer will be completed, Please don't be afraid, If this will cost us tro=
uble, I wont involve my self in it, I was the one that keep the money and N=
o body knows about it, You are the first person, I have ever informed about=
 this, Help me and help your self, Both of us will be rich if you agree to =
help me receive this fund, I look forward to hear from you soon, If you are=

Best Regards,
Miss. Emilia Diaz.
Manager Bankia, Salamanca Branch Spain
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